Could ASMR help pregnant women?

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseYou bet.  It can be a challenge for pregnant women to fall asleep each night, especially in the third trimester.

Why is that?

Put a small animal under your shirt and try to fall asleep.

Point made.

Hence, pregnant women often suffer from poor sleep.  So perhaps listening to ASMR audio could help them to fall asleep.

And pregnant women who get more sleep may be less likely to have children that grow up to be overweight.

That seems like a pretty bold statement.  Is there recent research to support that?


It was done with mice.

How did they get the mice pregnant?

With…other…mice.  I’m not sure that is important here.  The important thing is that they investigated the effect of sleep deprivation on mice and then looked at the long term effects on the offspring of the mice.

How did they induce sleep deprivation in the mice?

The scientists waited until the pregnant mice fell asleep then a motorized brush slowly moved across cage periodically which forced the pregnant mice to wake up and step over it.

Like a mini car wash?

Sure.  Sorta like that.

So the sleep-deprived pregnant mice gave birth to overweight baby mice?

Nope.  The baby mice were normal weight.  And were the same weight as baby mice born to another group of pregnant mice whom were allowed to sleep normally.

What they noticed is that the baby mice of the sleep-deprived mice grew up to weigh much more compared to the baby mice of those mice that slept normally.

So the point is that pregnant women who listen to ASMR audio to fall asleep may get more sleep and therefore may be less likely to have children that grow up to be overweight adults.

It is a possibility, but professional researchers will need to do the correct type and amount of experiments for us to ever know.

Will they have the pregnant women sleep in a car wash?

I’m done with you.

Click HERE to read more about the mouse research.

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