[Voices of ASMR] Is ASMR a sexual feeling?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if ASMR is a sexual sensation, include details like:

  • Does your ASMR feel the same as a sexual response?
  • How is your ASMR similar to a sexual response?
  • How is your ASMR different from a sexual response?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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60 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Is ASMR a sexual feeling?

  1. I believe they are separate responses (sexual and asmr), but I do believe that both responses can come from the same video or situation. I do believe that nsfw videos or situations can trigger an asmr response as well. Sometimes a nsfw video will only trigger an asmr response for me, and will not stimulate me sexually in any capacity. I believe that nsfw content has a place in the asmr community, even if it may be a small subsection.


  2. It is not the same. The only thing that is similar is that it usually makes me feel close to the person who is triggering it, like some sort of intimate connection. On the other hand, an erotic experience can trigger ASMR, but that’s not a correlation. There are also some similar consequences in the way your body reacts, like the relaxation and oversensitiveness that can be compared to that of an orgasm. It is different from a sexual response, however, because it’s not exciting, but rather comforting, and because of the way I interpret it (it’s different psychologically).


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