[Voices of ASMR] Is ASMR a sexual feeling?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if ASMR is a sexual sensation, include details like:

  • Does your ASMR feel the same as a sexual response?
  • How is your ASMR similar to a sexual response?
  • How is your ASMR different from a sexual response?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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35 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Is ASMR a sexual feeling?

  1. For my part, ASMR is a totally separate experience from sexual arousal. While I can be both sexually aroused and experience ASMR simultaneously, neither one is causal or results from the other. On a few occasions unintentionally being triggered into ASMR while sexually aroused has actually reduced my arousal.


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  5. In my personal experience, ASMR is not a sexual experience. I wouldn’t listen to it if it was. I am an Asexual individual and as such I do not like such feeling or experiences.

    ASMR to me a calming experience that relaxes my general anxiety about the world. It relaxes the mind and body so you can finally think freely rather than live in constant stress. It is also able to relax me to the point it which my insomnia will go away and I can finally sleep. And I have had insomnia for the last 5 years of my life. It started when I was in high school and has progressed into early adulthood. But with the help of ASMR I can finally sleep normally for the first time in years.


  6. Not for me. If I want the feeling to continue for any amount of time, I have to physically and mentally stop. Moving will disrupt the feeling as well as having any internal dialogue or thoughts outside of ahhhh.


  7. The sound of falling water, live sounds not recorded sounds have always relaxed me, made me want to sleep and sent chills up and down my body in waves. This normally will last as long as I am exposed to the elements causing the response. Often enough these stimulation causes me to be very emotional and this can lead to sexual thoughts but normally toward those in which I have emotional attachment, not just for sex alone. I still often lay on the bathroom floor and listen to the shower run and this causes immediate and strong ASMR responses. This is NEVER intended to be sexual at all BUT often it does create physical tingles in which I could then respond to and then manually arouse if I choose to do so. Interesting enough if I allow myself to move toward masturbation the ASMR responses go away and do not easily return after release. If anything I want to sleep at that moment. 99% of the time I do not move toward anything sexual because it is not what I am looking for when I engage in ASMR moments. I am wanting a stress free, “safe” zone and a place to clear my mind and think about nothing. I would imagine “if” I were to share this ASMR moment with someone it could lead to sex but I still would intend to allow the mutual ASMR experience to last as long as possible. The ASMR experience seems to be very different than a sexual experience BUT ASMR can set the tone for a sexual experience if allowed. Honestly, I enjoy them both and if they are practiced one after the other it can lead to a very relaxing day for me. Does anyone else experience ASMR with falling water sounds?


  8. The first time I had anal sex I tingled tremendously in my face, arms and feet FOR TWO DAYS. It can absolutely be triggered by sexual things. Its not that it IS a sexual feeling or isn’t. The question is can it be triggered by sexual acts. And the answer is resoundingly a yes. Just because YOU feel it one way doesn’t mean everyone else feels.it the same way..I think we all should know better than that by now. Sex and music and little sad thoughts do it for me. I personally cant even imagine someone crinkling paper do it to me PR whispering … can’t even wrap my head around it. But that’s how it works.


  9. For me, most of my moments have been in person when someone I know is doing my hair or make up. Sometimes it happens when someone says something really nice to me that comforts me. It just happened to me a few minutes ago when I looked at a picture if two of my friends smiling together. It isn’t sexual but I get a tingling feeling in my clitoris.

    When I get ready for sex, I don’t have that feeling. Sexual feelings are more of a desire, maybe wetness or an orgasm if stimulated but never the same feeling as this. I wish that I could achieve this feeling with sex though because in a way it feels better than sex.


  10. They are two different things. Can be confusing if you have tingles in the pelvic area during ASMR, which I mistook for sexual arousal when I was younger. The personal attention, light touching and stroking of hair that is a part of petting or making out that leads to sexual arousal is concurrent, so having the tingles and getting aroused is happening at the same time. When I seek tingles I go to videos. When I seek arousal, I go to my partner. I now understand that just because I am tingling down there does not mean that the stimulus is turning me on. During adolescence I did not understand that and felt weird about it. Straight female, 46. Like male and female whisperers equally but find I am pickier about the other sounds that they make.


  11. ASMR is BOTH, it is not one or the other. It is both sexual and relaxing although i think the importance here is why it is sexual to some who dont understand why it is (well some of the noises are sexual in they are relaxing, although relaxing does not need to be sexual either but some of these noises are just plain imitations of noises in porn).. of course this also depends on how it is being done. It seems to me lots of females especially take advantage of the idea that ASMR can be sexual because they have found out it gets them views, ratings and donations. It is no different to women on “twitch” (web cam for online gaming) where it is being used for sexual purposes to get donations for showing breasts, showing bum in leggins, bending over etc. It is the intentions rather than what they wear/do.

    You can often tell who are the ones who intended to be sexual because they are the ones who wear low cut tops and doll themselves like crazy and use “display pictures” with pictures of boobs etc (display picture is the still thumbnail image you see at the side before you click on the video). ASMR is about mainly relaxation, yes it can be used sexually but there is no doubt lots of females abuse ASMR to get ratings and money from people especially the men some of which class it as mild porn (not their fault).

    What I dont like is people who make this a problem of “men” and deny there is anything sexual about it, the issue lies with people doing desperate things for attention and money, ASMR is cool but i wish youtube would ban false advertising where people use “boob” display pictures just to get views as it is becoming beyond a joke. Whether someone wants to use ASMR sexually or just as a relaxation technique, well that is obviously up to them but some people are so in denial that females DO use THIS ASMR as a sexual tool or use their sexuality to gain ratings/money/views.. Even some authors of these video content pretend they aren’t doing it sexually when in reality they are (sure perhaps some are being honest but people are rarely going to admit to something that may get them shamed).

    Actions always speak louder folks but i really dont have an issue with people who use youtube this way, i am just sick of the false advertising and boob display pictures people use to “game” and “cheat” the system (youtube should not be about porn). As for why ASMR is sexy, well some of the females doing it are making licking, suction and wet noises that are totally unrealistic (people simply do not sit down at subway slurping on a sandwich).. when you are eating some food you dont eat it in a sloppy slobbery wet way do you? Some women are obviously imitating blowjobs for attention. Its ridiculous for those who deny it with “no person does that, people dont do such things”. Well apparently some do.

    AMSR is intended different for different people, originally it was for relaxation but once females found out the sexuality aspect to some have taken it to the next level of being sexual with it. My two cents.


  12. No, to me ASMR is not sexual. The sensations I experience aren’t at all like sexual arousal or excitement and they tend to relax and soothe, even put me into a kind of trance, rather than getting me worked up. I don’t find there to be any overlap between the two. I would also posit – after reading some of the other comments in this discussion – that there is a big difference between using ASMR videos for sexual release and actually experiencing ASMR that feels sexual. I would argue that watching ASMR videos for sexual purposes is not necessarily ASMR, just another type of porn. It *could* be ASMR, of course. But just because you’re watching ASMR videos doesn’t mean you’re experiencing ASMR. So when researching whether or not ASMR “feels sexual”, I think it’s important to make that distinction.


  13. I tried to use ASMR for insomnia issues and muscle relaxation cause I hold a lot of tension. I expected it to be a nonsexual response, because it was for relaxing.

    Important detail to add is that I have acousticophilia, so to me ASMR plays right into a paraphilia. I feel like ASMR itself isn’t sexual but when paired with acousticophilia it becomes sexual.


  14. Totally can be a sexual feeling. I fall into the asexual spectrum and identify as demisexual. Basically, I just pretty much never experience lust or desire to have sex with other people I know or see, whether it’s on TV or in real life, and I can count the number of exceptions I’ve had during my whole life on one hand and still have leftover fingers. This doesn’t preclude me from being turned on, though.

    That said, on rare occasion, I have experienced mild sexual response to ASMR, only through roleplays that appealed to my kinks and what I’ll describe as wet-type-sounds. So, not from tapping, or paper crinkling, but from specific noises and situations that are just as legitimate ASMR sources. Interestingly, for these, I feel tingles in my lower back, which is the same spot I get tingles when I’m turned on by something mental.


  15. For me, ASMR feels like the sensation you get when someone’s playing with your hair, or getting a massage, both of which *could* be sexual, but most of the time, aren’t


  16. To me ASMR is sexual. The only purpose for why I view these videos is for sexual release.

    The first time I came across an ASMR video was a few weeks ago by accident. What happened was I was on YouTube, looking at other videos that would get me sexually excited. In YouTube, looking at one video always leads to another and I found myself looking at an ASMR video all of a sudden.

    I got so aroused, probably to an extent that I haven’t experienced before. All she did was whisper into that special, hyper-sensitive microphone that most of these “Artists” use to heighten the experience.

    She was whispering, making a whole bunch of kissing noises, speaking very softly and looking right into the camera as she was doing so. So I looked for more ASMR videos and I found that a whole bunch of other ones were just like that one.

    If a woman is making these noises with her mouth, it sounds like she’s licking your ears and neck. She makes the most innocent words sound sexual while she’s whispering. Some are showing cleavage while she’s doing all of this.

    There are times when the woman would put on plastic gloves, puts some oil on it, and starts to rub her hands together. The sound that makes makes it sound like she’s doing something very sexual to my already-erect penis. The sound that makes makes it sound like she’s slurping on it. A lot of times the woman is looking downward, away from the camera as it’s happening.

    While she’s not saying anything sexual, just the way it looks and sounds suggests otherwise.

    I’m not saying that ASMR is solely sexual. What I am saying is that sexual arousal definitely plays a role into why this is as popular as it is.

    I always look at these female ASMRtists videos right before I go to sleep to “rub one out” if you will. I can’t go to sleep unless I do that first.

    I think a lot of people (men) get sexually excited by this, but might be to ashamed to admit to it, or fear that there will be some backlash against him for expressing that opinion. To me, ASMR is highly sexual. As this gets more and more popular, more and more people will find reasons to think that this is a sexual motivator to get them as aroused.


  17. -Does your ASMR feel the same as a sexual response?
    Not in the least. some people have described it as being similar to an orgasm, but i just do not understand the association. It does have a similar euphoric after-buzz but that’s it. I would associate it more with the high that I get after working out, when my muscles are kind of buzzing from the surge of energy, but even that is pretty far off from what ASMR feels like.

    -How is your ASMR similar to a sexual response?
    Like i said above, i feel pretty happy and light after experiencing ASMR, similar to the feeling after sexual release but not much else is similar.

    -How is your ASMR different from a sexual response?
    In pretty much every other way.


  18. Sexual arousal usually don’t get you to sleep whereas ASMR does, at least for me…
    It is true that I, too, am more triggered by male voices, being a straight female, but a lot of sounds or else triggers me equally, and I am not a fetichist. Moreover, mouth noises, reminding me of sexuality, get on my nerve.
    It’s like an orgasm in a way, because it comes by waves, it’s kind of a contraction of some cerebral muscle (which, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t exist).
    However, some triggers might be triggers for sexual arousal for some people,and there might lie the misconception of it.
    Therefore, I don’t consider ASMR as a part of my sexuality!


  19. For us, ASMR has never been an erotic sensation. It is, in our experience at least, a sensation that is deeply physiological and vividly inherent so it is easy for us to understand, how some others may experience that deep sensation differently.


  20. Not sexual. Sexual arousal seems to inhibit the ASMR feeling entirely for me. However, for me there is a definite gender component. I almost never get ASMR from male artists, and the some of the very strong triggers from female artists (certain types of mouth sounds) “feel” totally wrong and disgusting from male artists.

    As a side note, some types of mouth sounds are horrible no matter what gender they come from. I eat fast at dinner and then get up and go to the couch to continue dinner conversations from far enough away I don’t have to hear slurps or other eating noises. Been doing that for decades now. Wife and kids are used to it, though my wife thought I was rather weird at first. Hate forced business meals. And if someone decides to bust out a snack during a meeting, I “have to use the restroom” and I don’t come back until the eating has stopped. In short, I don’t like eating around other people, and I don’t like other people eating around me. It’s not a visual thing . . . it’s a noise thing. Those types of mouth sounds are NOT ASMR triggers for me. The ones that are are not eating related . . . so tongue-clicking, hard consonants (t’s, usually) . . . sounds like that.

    BTW, I’m a 42 year old male.


  21. Isn’t ASMR known as ‘brain orgasm’ ? And where does physical/sexual orgasm occur (the brain?) It could be said that true ASMR (as opposed to those who claim it’s merely relaxing) hits a mental G-spot. And, if the individual is lucky, true ASMR could be described as frequent or ongoing ‘brain orgasm’


  22. It is not sexual for me. But like massage, that is a matter of context and intent. It can make sex better, as the close attention of a partner can trigger ASMR, just as massage during sex can improve mood and arousal. Music isn’t inherently sexual either, but plenty of music not intended to ‘set the mood’ can be used to enhance sex anyway. I’m sure this applies to all sensual experience.


  23. Similar to, but not exactly like. Main difference is that I’m 40 and can crank out ASMR responses about every 30 seconds. The sexual department needs a little more time to reload (usually about 45 minutes).


  24. I believe they are separate responses (sexual and asmr), but I do believe that both responses can come from the same video or situation. I do believe that nsfw videos or situations can trigger an asmr response as well. Sometimes a nsfw video will only trigger an asmr response for me, and will not stimulate me sexually in any capacity. I believe that nsfw content has a place in the asmr community, even if it may be a small subsection.


  25. It is not the same. The only thing that is similar is that it usually makes me feel close to the person who is triggering it, like some sort of intimate connection. On the other hand, an erotic experience can trigger ASMR, but that’s not a correlation. There are also some similar consequences in the way your body reacts, like the relaxation and oversensitiveness that can be compared to that of an orgasm. It is different from a sexual response, however, because it’s not exciting, but rather comforting, and because of the way I interpret it (it’s different psychologically).


  26. No, it isn’t a sexual feeling. It is like meditation. So relaxing and soothing. It’s like settling down into a blanket straight out of the dryer when you’re a little chilly. It’s a cozy feeling.


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