[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR while watching a video?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain what triggers ASMR for you when you are watching a video, include details like:

  • Are you triggered by voices? sounds? sights?
  • Which of the above trigger types is the strongest for you?
  • Can you experience ASMR by listening to a video with the screen off?
  • What specific actions, sounds, scenarios, or role-plays in a video stimulate your ASMR the strongest?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference to your ability to experience ASMR from a video?
  • Do you prefer intentional ASMR videos or unintentional ASMR videos?
  • Who are your favorite ASMR artists and why do you like them better than other artists?
  • For you, is the ASMR stimulated by a video similar or different from the ASMR stimulated by a real world situation?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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23 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR while watching a video?

  1. A friend of mine experiences it too without headaches. He sent me a video for me to try, it’s my first time with a controlled stimulus.

    I start to feel it right away. The stimulus is the sound. It’s Travels from my brain to my thighs. Tingles and goosebumps, they are centered in my brain and legs. Messages that I was sending him:
    – Wooow
    – This one causes goosebumps that goes to my legs
    – I can hear the blood pleasure increasing in my brain
    – Sleepy and when she smiled I smiled too.
    – Headache?
    – A little on the rice side of my head
    – Usually that place is for when I force my vision
    – I think that what is causing the headaches is the increase in blood pressure in my brain that I feel


  2. supplemental to audio but have noticed feeling effects from more commercials nowadays.
    Also notice in most movies but they’re designed to direct mood

    On second thought, don’t commercial have the same intent?


  3. Tapping fingernails on porcelain, on glass, on anything that makes a soothing crackling sound. Videos where they brush someone’s hair and I can clearly hear the sound of the bristles going through hair. A knife slowly being pressed on a plate full of sand.


  4. For me, it is usually always voices, though sometimes it can be a combination of personal attention and/or voices. Certain voices, usually female, can put me in a trance like state where I’m so zoned out it’s like I’m not in my body, but someplace where I’m DEEPLY relaxed.
    The other thing that really does it is personal attention, (like doctors exams where they’re gently all up in your face, or haircuts, spa treatments, getting my hair brushed, etc.) And ESPECIALLY if it’s a combination of someone speaking softly and providing personal attention, that’s the easiest way to trigger ASMR for me.

    So now that I know this, I watch ASMR videos, and if I let myself focus on the video completely and don’t allow myself to be distracted by anything else, then most of the time I can achieve that feeling (if I’m watching the right video)

    Generally videos that I find triggering are videos that feature a combination of any and all of the following: voices (soft spoken or whispering), personal attention, such as role plays for medical exams or doing “my” makeup, brushing “my” hair, gentle and repetitive tapping on things, random soft trigger sounds, like playing with beads, flipping through papers,just gentle repetitive noises.


    • oh, the one thing that immediately snaps me out of the relaxation/ASMR is mouth sounds (any excessive mouth sounds. I can handle normal ones, but lip smacking, teeth sucking, that noise when parts of your mouth stick together and peel apart, I don’t know what that [edit] is called, but any hardcore mouth sounds drive me up the wall and send chills down my spine in a BAD way, like how nails on a chalkboard sounds.)


  5. -Voices. Bigtime. Breathy whispers, rolling of the letter r, very deep voices, and textured voices – growling/grumbling, laughing in a certain way that I can only describe as dipping (see gaelforce audios and go to the most vanilla meditation video he has. Also, accents of any kind, and switching between English and gaelic, latin, russian, or German, especially if speaking with an accent tends to do me in quick as well. I’d rather listen to gaelforce audios read the phone book than listen to music 95 percent of the time. His accent, laugh, are all my ultimate trigger.) Less sounds but fabric running together, especially that nice quality cotton sheet material. Like really high quality thick soft cotton sheets that are heavy and sort of crinkle and sound silky when it rubs together. Like just something very very fine, not a sandy or crackling sound. Not a coarse friction sound. Liquid being poured into a glass (not plastic, not wood, but glass and without ice only – ice will destroy it). Ironically, most of gaelforce videos feature a lip smacking, kissing, or sucking sound. That tends to send me the opposite way. I do not get it from sights but I do absolutely get it from being held, leaning/laying on someone, them twirling my hair in their fingers (needn’t be rubbing my scalp that can sometimes be overstimulating and hurt actually, especially when it coincides with the sensation of asmr). Nothing that I take in visually has ever given it to me unless it was in the context I mentioned before. Like I had asmr watching someone play with my hair, but again context is key. Never happened at the hairdresser. Netflix and chill with someone I love. So many times.

    -Easily and most of the ones I prefer to watch have either a generic screen with stock photography or PowerPoint type slides. I tend not to like it when video makers scroll several images over the course of the video. Mine seems to be almost exclusively auditory and depending on individual context variables the intrusiveness of the visual stimuli can be anything from insignificant to nullifying of the experience. Doesn’t matter where I am in the asmr process (how close I am to it happening) or when the stimuli is inserted, if I see something that for whatever reason I find aversive in the fractions of a second between sensing it and perceiving that I’ve sensed it, if it’s something that will anti-trigger me if you will, it’s going to happen as immediately as the perception of the stimuli does. I hope that makes sense.

    – Altruism/validation/support/acknowledgement on a personal level for character-merit related reasons (you’re so sexy has zero to negative effect, whereas Gaelforce can say “I see the good you do, I see how hard you work, there is no effort needed here, you are appreciated here, you are special to me,” etc and blow up. Personal support, validation, and asexual cuddling roleplays, it would be hard for someone to make one of those that doesn’t trigger me and when it does not it has most to do with either voice or the actual words being said. He has one where a librarian gets the nonspeaking other a copy of Ulysses from the backstock? That was the day I realized I had asmr. Not even kidding I was like WTF is this and I almost turned it off. I was like OMG I can’t believe people actually watch this kind of thing and then within the first minute I was like God. Damn. And I haven’t quit watching since. And I don’t know how to feel about that.

    -To a certain degree. Like if my kids weren’t asleep and I knew someone might be present in the room unexpectedly. I don’t watch the jerk off ones so it’s not that but it’s more like, I can experience it in front of and even because of others but they never, ever would know.

    -Intentional but I think that’s because with altruism being apparently my biggest stimuli that gives the best reward and it’s interesting the space between the quality or level of enjoyment I get from asmrs crafted specifically to revolve around that trope and that of those that don’t address it as much or at all is a significant amount of difference. If that makes sense.

    – I only listen to gaelforce audios, only his vanilla/reading of lyrics poetry and mythology, bantering/rambling, etc. As well as his meditations and guided tours through different real world physical spaces and cities. The one he does called life is simple is an interesting g one to note. During that one I get no bubbly tingly feeling at all ever, during the whole thing, but I think I get a different kind of it because I can watch it on loop for an hour or more. Worth mentioning here as it came up just now in my mind, I’m very weirdly sigificantlly triggered by some colors. I didn’t think of it as visual until just now but it is. And gaelforce life is simple video is triggering for me in this really weird longitudinal moderate way mostly because of the colors and the background noises. That night shade to the gray of the water and sky contrasted against the white boats, the orange and Amber had e of the lights across the water, the black of the tree shadow against the subtle rich color of a dark late evening sky, thunder head clouds, the color of the sky before a thunderstorm oh there’s another one! I remember riding the bus to school on dark rainy mornings and just feeling it in similar ways to the way gaelforce life is simple video does it. That’s interesting I just made that connection right now. Loved the darkness of a heavy Thunderstorm in the midle of the day when it’s supposed to be light out. That gets me really good. And the actual moment of a thunder/lightening strike. Thunderstorms dude. OMG thunderstorms and Gael. I can’t help it.

    – I don’t think it makes any difference except to say that like vampire werewolf​ roleplays do less than nothing for me as do the sex/erotica videos. It’s all about some cuddles, some thunder or rain (waves I find grating, though, figure that one out) and some validation and being admired even if it’s fake. I don’t need to feel like the narrator actually cares in real life. Just in the video itself.

    – Another funny thing, just recalling from the asmrs that I watch I had it several times while just writing about them, without even actively consciously channeling them.


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