Interview with STYASMR, an ASMR artist creating short and simple ASMR videos

J.F. is a marketing consultant with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Boston University.  She currently lives in the Northeast of the U.S.

Since 2015, J.F. has created over 100 ASMR videos as the artist STYASMR, an acronym for her channel name, “Sucks To Your ASMR!”

I initially thought that an ASMR video channel with that name would have parody videos, abrupt videos, or some other type of negative or non-ASMR content.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of gentle, relaxing, softly-voiced, and delightful ASMR videos.

In my interview with J.F., she shares her reason for calling her video channel, “Sucks To Your ASMR!”, her inspiration for making ASMR videos, her tips for new artists, and how her videos are helping others.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and a link to her curiously named channel, “Sucks To Your ASMR!”

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