“The ASMRtist Show”, the first podcast about ASMR artists.

Jose Prendes, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, has recently started a new podcast about ASMR called, “The ASMRtist Show.”

Jose records his podcast in his home studio and already has completed several episodes. I was honored to be the first guest on his show. Jose was a terrific host and it was quite an enjoyable interview.

I sent Jose some questions to learn more about him and his new podcast.  Now I get to turn the table and ask Jose questions.

Jose shares why he wanted to kick off his show with a scientist, offers insight about what makes a good ASMR artist, gives some tips for starting your own podcast, and spills the beans on which ASMR artists you will hear in his next five episodes.

Below are my questions in bold followed by his replies in italics.

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There is only one ASMR podcast that I know about

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityIt is the ASMR HQ podcast.  It is hosted by Paula and Wanda.

The same dynamic duo that created the websites ASMR HQ and ASMR Academy.

As well as tons of spectacular ASMR videos.

I really like these two women.  They embody the true kindred and sharing spirit of the ASMR community.

All of their websites and their podcast have a huge amount of helpful content to ASMR artists and others.

I’ll probably write more posts about their websites in the future, but for now let me tell you more details about their podcast. Continue reading