Participate in a research study about ASMR and immersive technology

How important is immersion for the #ASMR experience?

The aim of this study is to use immersive technology and test your responses.  You will watch or listen to a selection of recorded content and answer questions about how you feel.

Adult ASMR experiencers are welcome to participate in this 20 minute study, which has been reviewed and approved by the Bath Spa University Ethics Committee

Being in a quiet place and using headphones are required for the best experience.  You will also have a chance to win a 25 or 50 $/£ voucher for Etsy/Amazon in an optional raffle at the end.

Click the following link to participate or for more information: 

  • Survey closes May 31, 2022
  • For any questions about the study, contact Thomas Swart via email:

Learn more about ASMR research:

Learn more about ASMR:

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