Participate in a research study about ASMR immunity

Jemma Frost and Safiyya Mank are undergraduate psychology students at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England.

Their dissertation project is titled, “An investigation into ASMR immunity” and they are seeking participants who are 18 years or older for this study (eligible participants must have experienced ASMR and immunity to ASMR).

Participants will access an online survey, watch an ASMR video, and answer questions about their ability to experience ASMR and their experiences of ASMR immunity.

The survey has been approved by the University’s ethics committee, shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, and will collect your replies anonymously.

The results of the study may be published in a peer reviewed journal. Participants can obtain a full copy of the results of the research study by contacting the researcher.

The study is being supervised by Dr Thomas Hostler, who published the first heart rate study about ASMR in 2018.

The survey closes February 29, 2020.  Click below to learn more or to participate if you are interested.

Link to survey:  (survey closed February 28th, 2020).

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3 thoughts on “Participate in a research study about ASMR immunity

  1. Asmr and aspergers energy are extremely similar, before I decided to look up asmr due to my symptoms I down the road came to aspergers, due some research to the similarities, you’ll be blown away, hope all is well in the asmr world


  2. What is immunity to ASMR?
    All I know is that I can do it anytime I want without the need of any outside stimulation. Been doing this since early childhood.


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