How long until ASMR is a proven therapy for insomnia, anxiety, or depression?

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityIt could still be a long time until ASMR is a clinician-recommended therapy for disorders like insomnia, anxiety, or depression.

How long?  Hard to say but a recent publication about the therapeutic use of yoga gives a valuable perspective to this timeline for ASMR.

The research article was published in the journal Trauma, Violence, & Abuse and addressed if yoga should be a suggested therapy for anxieties and depression.

The publication analyzed many prior studies done on yoga and suggested that it may be worthy as a co-therapy at this point with other evidence-based treatments.

Yet, the authors still think, that more education and research needs to be done before it can be its own therapy for these conditions – and I support their conclusion.

So how many published studies on yoga were analyzed in this paper?

Over 180, published between 2000 and 2013.

How many published studies have been done on ASMR so far?

One, published in 2015.

ASMR still has a long journey to being an evidence-based and recommended therapy, but the few published and unpublished studies show promise.

So if you are interested in ASMR and looking for a research topic, perhaps you will meld those two together to help contribute to the understanding and potential application of ASMR.

Click HERE to access the abstract of the publication about yoga.

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