6-23-15 Update: The 2015 ASMR Convention has been canceled.

The event was scheduled for Saturday, September 19th, 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, USA.

Unfortunately, the event has now been canceled.

Tickets sales for the event were being done through Kickstarter.  This means that if the fundraising goal is not met then the event or project usually does not occur.

The initial rate of tickets sales for the event started off too slow to show a strong probability of meeting the fundraising goal.

The organizers of the event, Paige Towers and Bryan Shigekawa, provide some insight about the challenges with the event planning, as well as their heartfelt apologies for canceling the event.

The link to their explanation is below.

Click HERE to read the full explanation on the Kickstarter page (scroll down once you land on the page).

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This post brought to you by ASMR University.  A site with the mission of increasing the awareness, understanding, and research of the Art and Science of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

3 thoughts on “6-23-15 Update: The 2015 ASMR Convention has been canceled.

  1. Conventions are wonderful events that some people can and will attend. They are limited however, to those who are able to go to its location.

    With consideration to the rest of us, who cannot attend due to distance & expense… I wonder if there has been much thought or discussion to how the first ever ASMR convention experiences might be shared.

    One thought is … how might we set up “mini” regional get togethers so that, during the same week there could be worldwide real time experiences going on. Regional groups could watch talks & things via the internet along with duplicating some activities on a smaller scale.

    At this point, it is a little frustrating because, to my knowledge, nothing has ever been set up where I can go, for example, to list where folks live, so we don’t have the ability (yet), to attempt regional get togethers.


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