The book “Idiot’s Guide: ASMR” is now available for purchase.

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityThe book is authored by Julie Young and Ilse Blansert.

Julie is a freelance writer and author, and Ilse is a popular ASMR artist known as TheWaterwhispers.  Together they tackled the topic of ASMR from every angle to create the most comprehensive book yet about ASMR.

Does the book include scientific theories about ASMR?  You bet.

What else can be found in the book?  A whole lot more.  See below.

  • A clear explanation of what ASMR is, its benefits, and how to experience it.
  • The most recent theories and evidence as to why and how ASMR works, and how it’s connected to other established methods of relaxation.
  • Extensive exploration of the various ASMR trigger types.
  • Tips for discovering the triggers that work for each individual, and ways of finding and adapting to new ones.
  • What to do when one becomes desensitized to their favorite artist or trigger type.
  • Exclusive interviews with the top ASMR artists from all over the world, discussing their strange celebrity and their own ASMR experiences.
  • How-to content on creating ASMR videos, including equipment, props, script writing, editing, and uploading.
  • Online extras will include exclusive video content from one of the top ASMR artists.

You may purchase the book HERE or HERE.

Click HERE to watch a video of Ilse Blansert talking about the book.

Click HERE to read an interview with Julie Young about her experiences writing the book

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