Newsweek article about Bob Ross and ASMR

Newsweek has just published an article about ASMR.

It is a lengthy and well written piece by Joe Kloc which focuses on Bob Ross as a painter, a person, and of course, as a seminal figure in the experience of ASMR for many individuals.

Ilse Blansert is also prominently featured, providing illustrative quotes that tie in well throughout the story.

The article does not address many scientific theories about ASMR.  But I found the information about Bob Ross so well done that it did feel like a fresh piece of journalism about ASMR.

Here are some (but not all) of the most interesting bits from the article.

  • Ross did not want the show syndicated due to low production quality
  • He was well aware that viewers were relaxed by and fall asleep to his show
  • His program was popular in Japan, but it was demanded that it must be his voice even though most viewers would not understand what he was saying
  • Ross was a solitary individual and purposely did not want people or signs of people in his paintings.

After reading the article I found myself more interested in Bob Ross.  More curious about his thoughts and feelings.  More curious about how he became the person he did and how that was reflected in his paintings.

Bob Ross was one of my first ASMR triggers.  Which, according to my origin theory, means he triggers those neurotransmitters in my brain involved in inter-personal bonding.

So watching Bob Ross as a child may have created a special bond with him that is reawakened when I read about him.

Or maybe Joe Kloc just writes very interesting articles.

Click HERE to read his article about Bob Ross and ASMR

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