A book about ASMR is being written

Author Julie Young and ASMR artist Ilse Blansert are collaborating on the first book from a major publisher about ASMR titled, “Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR.”

Julie has experienced ASMR for a long period of time and brings her extensive author experience and deep interest about ASMR to this endeavor.

Ilse is an ASMR artist (AKA The Water whispers) with over 120,000 followers on YouTube, so you can expect she will be providing some of the best understandings and perspectives about ASMR to be found anywhere.

The book will include interviews with ASMR artists, scientists, and of course, a wide variety of individuals who experience ASMR.

This will not just be a compilation of quotes and perspectives, but a well-organized and well researched publication that will include the history, art, and science of ASMR, as well as, address the hard questions and controversies related to ASMR.

The release date for the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR” is tentatively scheduled for spring 2015.

Click HERE to read about author Julie Young’s ASMR experiences and to stay updated with the book’s progress.

Click HERE to access a blog, videos, and photos of ASMR artist Ilse Blansert.

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This post brought to you by the ASMR University.  A site with the mission of increasing the awareness, understanding, and research of the Art and Science of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

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