Can ASMR keep kids from doing drugs?

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityIt may have for Alan Atchison.  I just stumbled on a recent article he wrote about ASMR.

The article is a very well written summary of ASMR intertwined with flashbacks to his ASMR moments in youth.

He included this view on ASMR that intrigued me,

  • “…as I look back, I think ASMR is the reason I never got into any drugs. While several of my friends were getting high, I was able to bring about completely natural and harmless feelings of pleasure in my own brain simply by focusing on one of my own triggers”.

This primarily grabbed my attention because I also experienced ASMR throughout my childhood and also never got into drugs or alcohol.  I never made a connection between the two.

Could an increased tendency towards drug use in early life be linked to a decreased exposure to ASMR triggers and/or a decreased ability to experience ASMR?

Soothing brain feelings can be created by ASMR or by some recreational drugs, and both may therefore stimulate the same neurotransmitter receptors. This would be a great area of research for someone to look into.

One obvious social benefit could be that parents who introduce their child to a large variety ASMR triggers could decrease their child’s risk of drug use.  Well controlled studies could be done to show if this would be true and therefore helpful.

Click HERE to read Alan’s full article.

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One thought on “Can ASMR keep kids from doing drugs?

  1. It never really came to me, that you could link ASMR with the usage of drugs. It’s kind of a stretch, but if it helps to keep people of drugs, then why not give it a chance? I think it’s a great idea!


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