[Voices of ASMR] How else is ASMR helpful?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain how else ASMR is helpful, include details like:

  • In what way(s) is ASMR helpful or useful to you (besides for falling asleep, decreasing stress, lifting mood, or increasing focus)
  • Are there specific ASMR triggers or ASMR artists that are most helpful to you?
  • How does ASMR compare with other methods or treatments you have used?
  • Have you been diagnosed by a clinician with a condition which is related to how ASMR is helpful to you?
  • Have you discussed how ASMR is helpful to you with your clinician?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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11 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] How else is ASMR helpful?

  1. I have never discussed ASMR with any physician or medical person. I thought they would think I am crazy…and until I heard the podcast, I thought I was the only one experiencing these sensations.


  2. I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Though I believe that being diagnosed only tells a small portion of the story. I got into ASMR because literally everywhere you go in the world, watching news, social media, or a crowded store or restaurant (key horrible music and loud voices) is filled with chaos and confusion causing sensory overload and burnout. No one is grounded and no one communicates pure feelings, emotions or thoughts. This leads to distrust of even those close to you. I’ve found that when watching ASMR its a known quantity where you wont be overstimulated and can begin to regain trust in people. It soothes your mood and settles you into a comfortable place where all the emotional gunk collected from the day can be shed. What you thought was important before ASMR now becomes a figment of your minds problem creating/ solving ability. What is real and now (more important than what your mind is trying to achieve for comfort) is to let go and be comforted by a gentle soul. This quiets the mind storm that we all exist in throughout life. ASMR allow me to feel comfortable in my own skin, which is more healing than most types of communication that we normally encounter. I could go on and on but Ill leave it there for now.


  3. It’s relaxing and a very good (physical) feeling. I think it is helpful for getting to sleep if that’s a problem. It has helped me there. I hope they find out more about it.


  4. ASMR is also useful to me in reducing pain and physical discomfort, and in allowing me to feel deep relaxation and a sense of indulgence/”treat-yo-self” without spending money.
    For pain relief, I enjoy watching massage demonstrations or POV massage videos. For indulgence, I like the spa or makeup application role plays.
    For pain relief, ASMR is a great, no-side-effects alternative to my muscle relaxants. It is just as potent as the medication for mild pain, but for severe pain it won’t work. The videos aren’t as good as massages, but are free and easier to get. For indulgence, the videos are much better than paying for a haircut or manicure! The videos also more often trigger ASMR than the real thing in a salon.
    Yes, I have been diagnosed with chronic pain.
    No, I have not discussed ASMR with my clinician


  5. My son has severe autism and extreme violent behaviors. Medication and ABA therapy only does so much for him . ASMR has made a huge difference in helping him be calm, less anxious, and fall asleep easier. This is an absolute breakthrough in my opinion. Since we are in the early stages of discovering this and our journey is just beginning I’ll be reading up on as much as possible to educate myself. I also plan on sharing this with other families I know with children on the spectrum. ASMR University is a great place to gain a better understanding of how this works. I am very thankful for discovering it today !!


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