[Voices of ASMR] Can ASMR be triggered on command or spontaneously?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if you can stimulate or experience ASMR on command or spontaneously, include details like:

  • Can you stimulate ASMR on command?  If so, how do you trigger it?
  • Does it ever happen spontaneously/randomly?
  • Do you consider this meditation or something else?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference?
  • How is the sensation similar or different from ASMR triggered by a video or by a real world stimulus?

Note: Sometimes self-induced ASMR is confused with self-induced frisson.  If you feel chills, see your arm hairs rise up (piloerection), or experience goosebumps then you may be experiencing self-induced frisson (AKA voluntary piloerection) rather than self-induced ASMR.

If you think you are experiencing self-induced ASMR (rather than self-induced frisson), then please do share your answers and experiences in the Comments section below.

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72 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Can ASMR be triggered on command or spontaneously?

  1. I can trigger it whenever i want by focusing my mind to my nervous system , i can focus it to specific area in my body too , it flows like mild electrical waves in my body , i feel a little bit relaxed after trigger it , i can increase my heart rate by doing it .there is some differents with asmr triggered by outside stimulus , when i triggered it by myself , i rarely feel shiver , goosebumps , tingles on my skin , etc. But when i triggered it by my self while some unpredictable random outside stimulus gettin me, any emotional impact is multiplied , sorry for my english .


  2. I can stimulate what is being described here at will, whenever I want for pretty much as long as I want. I never realized this was odd until I learned of the ASMR term. This “feeling” is not triggered by outside sources. That is, listening to people whisper doesn’t do anything for me. I can trigger it as a whole body sensation or focus it on particular parts. I’ve often wondered if this would have effects on external sources. Has there been any research into ASMR’s effects on the surroundings?


  3. My ASMR is rarely triggered by outside events, when it does it’s typically things like deep rolling thunder (deep enough to *feel,* not just hear), and other spiritual events including specific Buddhist intonations, and deep interpersonal intimacy. Yes, I do consider powerful storms and interpersonal intimacy as often spiritual in nature, amongst other things.

    However, I can frequently and easily trigger it consciously with focused thought. I would describe it best as building a wave up, then releasing it as it peaks, then riding it until it subsides.

    The more uncomfortable I am in a situation, the harder it becomes, and there have been a few periods of my life (for 6+ months at a time) where I have been unable to at all, coinciding with extensive personal stress.

    Ironically, every popular ASMR producing video or recording I have seen has made me feel “flat,” and unable to invoke ASMR.


  4. I’ve always been able to trigger it instantly. It becomes less intense after 10 or so ‘goes’ in succession, then later, if I do it again it is back to being ‘deeper’ and more intense. I’ve only found about the term ‘ASMR’ today! I’ve never really thought about discussing it or researching it, just enjoying it; like having a secret superpower! I can’t begin to explain how I do it, I just can. There’s definitely some biological response going on, I’ve just laid down on my front to continue typing, and my change in body position, particularly the neck, has diminished the effect. My favourite time is when driving. A lovely tingle starting in the back of the neck, washing into the head and down the spine and sometimes as far as the upper legs.


  5. If I think enough about the sound of whispers in my ear, I can trigger ASMR a bit. It’s not as intense as actual stimulation. I can imagine a hand caressing my back and get a similar result. I do have the strange ability since childhood to alter my equilibrium through meditative focus, which makes me feel like I’m riding a small Ferris wheel. It is never achieved through external stimulus.


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