[Voices of ASMR] Can ASMR be triggered on command or spontaneously?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if you can stimulate or experience ASMR on command or spontaneously, include details like:

  • Can you stimulate ASMR on command?  If so, how do you trigger it?
  • Does it ever happen spontaneously/randomly?
  • Do you consider this meditation or something else?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference?
  • How is the sensation similar or different from ASMR triggered by a video or by a real world stimulus?

Note: Sometimes self-induced ASMR is confused with self-induced frisson.  If you feel chills, see your arm hairs rise up (piloerection), or experience goosebumps then you may be experiencing self-induced frisson (AKA voluntary piloerection) rather than self-induced ASMR.

If you think you are experiencing self-induced ASMR (rather than self-induced frisson), then please do share your answers and experiences in the Comments section below.

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90 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Can ASMR be triggered on command or spontaneously?

  1. When it happens spontaneously I feel guilt because I’m zoned out when I should be paying attention. When it happens in a work setting I feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

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  2. For me, it cannot happen on command. I can try to get it to happen by watching ASMR videos, and usually it will work but sometimes it won’t. It can also happen spontaneously in life.


    • If someone blows in my ear softly, caresses my hand and fingers I’m done. I’m frozen in a state of euphoria. It really is a Brain Orgasm…better than anything I’ve ever experienced. My partners say that I look like someone on heroine or some drug


      • So maybe that is Voluntary piloerection? I can’t tell the difference between that and ASMR. But I do know I can feel it “on-demand” or “by-command” just by thinking about it.


    • I’ve never been able to do it on command. I wish I could! I’ve accidently caused it in myself by slowly and gently caressing my hands with my fingers and fingertips. I thought I figured it out, but every time I try to make it happen on command, no dice! It’s too powerful.


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