[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain what triggers ASMR for you in the real world, include details like:

  • Are you triggered by voices? sounds? sights? touches? smells? other?
  • Which of the above trigger types is the strongest for you?
  • What real world situations trigger your ASMR the strongest?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference?
  • Is the sensation similar or different from ASMR triggered by a video or audio recording?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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59 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

  1. I remember that years ago, it happened when people would approach me to take a questionnaire, right there, in person. Perhaps the personal attention and anticipation of the next question


  2. For me it can come from someone doing something good with energy. If I went to a ball game, and people were hollering or cheering, I think would feel it. There are many triggers, but someone working to accomplish something (good) seems to have something to do with it. Sometimes it will come while talking with someone on the phone. I don’t look for it or have any control over it, it just comes. It’s a very relaxed feeling ( even at the ball game where I have experienced it).


  3. I am almost exclusively triggered by touch in real life, though my first experience was with a visual cue.

    Having my hair gently and kindly touched is my strongest trigger.

    Immediate surroundings don’t seem to affect it! I can have ASMR in my peaceful bedroom or a busy salon.

    The sensation is no different depending on real life or video.


  4. I experience ASMR once in a while while taking a hot shower. In my case it’s the physical sensation of the hot water on my head and neck, not auditory responses, that cause it. The water pressure has to be moderate and the temperature quite hot, and I have to be open to it happening. The first few times it happened when I was in my twenties, it was accidental. Since then, I’ve learned to cause it myself, but my attempts don’t always work. When it happens, I experience a rolling electric sensation from my neck over my skull to my forehead, and then my body almost goes limp as if I have had a very good massage. The relaxed feeling generally lasts anywhere from 10-45 minutes.


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