[Voices of ASMR] At what ages is ASMR experienced?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain at what ages you have experienced ASMR, include details like:

  • What is your earliest memory of experiencing ASMR?
  • What triggered ASMR for you in your childhood?  Adolescence?  Adulthood?
  • Have your ASMR triggers changed as you have gotten older?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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45 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] At what ages is ASMR experienced?

  1. Cerebral orgasm – yes this is how I would describe it. started when i was very young – 4 to5, maybe before. Haven’t experienced it for many decades now – am 70yo. …maybe 15 months ago i was at a class & the female teacher’s voice set off… something? not exactly the same as ASMR as described, or as I used to experience it… but something. Wish it would re-occur…


  2. It’s hard to pin point the earliest ASMR memory, I think I was about 4 or 5. I remember getting goosbumps on my scalp while my mother brushed my hair.
    Triggers in my childhood: Hair brushing, backscratching- my parents used to teach me the alphabet by drawing the letters on my back with their fingers. The voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman.
    I think in my triggers havn’t changed much, I just discovered new ones.
    Such as:
    1. any touch in my neck and back of the head area.
    2. fingernails on my skin.
    3. when a man touches my head or plays with my hair.
    4. music, male singing voices.
    5. Soft spoken, confident, deep male voices. Kevin Conroy is still one of my favorites.
    6. When a mans beard brushes against my face and neck- this is the best one.
    7.Putting my head on a hairy man’s chest and playing with it.
    It’s mostly not sexual for me, but it can be.


  3. What is your earliest memory of experiencing ASMR? Age 4… watching my brother put together a model quietly
    What triggered ASMR for you in your childhood? Again watching my brother quietlly
    Have your ASMR triggers changed as you have gotten older? Yes. It’s typically triggered by watching someone do a menial task or painting. I like art and therefore its triggered most when someone paints.


  4. I’ve never needed any trigger and triggers don’t seem to influence me. I’m the type of guy who will cry during a movie or certain songs, but the only way I get the tingling sensation and goosebumps is when I will it to happen. I don’t remember not being able to do this whenever I want.


  5. I cannot pinpoint the exact age but can remember experiencing it around 10yrs – 11 yrs of age, maybe even earlier.
    Even at such an early age I was able to voluntarily induce, although it took much longer to do back then compared to today.
    I used it as a defensive mechanism. As a child at bedtime I would experience terrible scary thoughts and bad nightmares. It was during times of these scarry thoughts that i discovered asmr and how it kept these thoughts at bay.
    These bedtime issues were very, real, scarry and terrifying for me as a child. I discovered by inducing asmr it protected me by providing a calming, mind clearing, overall good relaxing feeling protecting me from having these thoughts or any thoughts at all. It was my defensive mechanism that provided protection at an early age which enabled me to fall of to sleep.
    I notice some common experiences from all asmr’s such as calming, relaxing, mind clearing, less stressful, enjoyable feelings, it makes me wonder if asmr is actually the body’s way of a biological protection for our body/mind. Could the body provide such a protection on it’s own without one even realizing there is the need for protection.
    I definitely know it helped me and did exactly this. Possibly there is a relation to body/mind protection, however, the asmr has become popularized for the euphoric feelings associated with it, and not for the initial intent.
    Just my thoughts!!


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