[Voices of ASMR] At what ages is ASMR experienced?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain at what ages you have experienced ASMR, include details like:

  • What is your earliest memory of experiencing ASMR?
  • What triggered ASMR for you in your childhood?  Adolescence?  Adulthood?
  • Have your ASMR triggers changed as you have gotten older?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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45 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] At what ages is ASMR experienced?

  1. Interesting questions 🙂 I find it hard to pinpoint when I first experienced ASMR in childhood because I’ve loved having my hair played with as far back as I can remember. I remember being about 7 or 8, and my tactic was to ask the other girls if they could do a plait, and if they said yes, challenge them to do one in my hair. (I hated those teachers who would put an end to the hairplay by saying “This isn’t a hairdresser’s!”) When we were lining up at the end of playtime, I always used to hope that the girls behind me would start playing with my hair, and would often tilt my head up to the sky to try and subtly encourage it xD (This continued in secondary school when we would stand in a line during fire drills, and the girl who was next to me in the alphabet always started playing with my hair. So I enjoyed fire drills 😉 )

    I have another early memory from around the same age, where my brother and I used to do a trade: I would scratch his back for a while, and in return he would tickle mine.

    I also remember loving any games in primary school which involved drawing on another person’s skin or back (usually with a finger, not a pen). When I was 8 or 9, we had a school production which involved the whole of the Juniors, with the younger years being the chorus, and the older years having acting parts. So we would have big school-wide rehearsals, which for the younger years involved a lot of sitting around and waiting while the older students learned the more intricate choreography. To pass the time, we used to play a lot of games involving drawing words on someone’s back and the person had to guess what they were, or the rhyme which goes “A dash and a dot, a dot and a dash, a great big question mark…” (Does anyone know that one?) and it involves drawing on the person’s back and blowing on the back of their neck. I get tingles just remembering it 😉 I enjoyed those rehearsals a lot for the games we played which gave me amazing ASMR.

    During my teenage years my triggers were more or less the same: hairplay, drawing on skin, light touches on my skin or hair. I also remember discovering that having someone touching my belongings, like my pencil case, would trigger light ASMR (not that I knew what it was back then, but now it makes so much sense), and that I enjoyed watching other people have their hair styled or played with, like a sort of vicarious ASMR. (But it’s always better when you experience it!)

    I discovered ASMR about a year ago, when a friend on Facebook shared a Danish video about ASMR and commented that the sounds were very relaxing. I watched the video (despite not understanding a word) and experienced amazing tingles from the tapping and scratching sounds. This was new, because I don’t ever remember being triggered by tapping or scratching outside of that experience. I looked more into ASMR and put it together with the sensations and touches I’ve always loved. I also shared it with my best friend and discovered that she experienced ASMR too, and we often discuss tingles or swap video recommendations. Being able to explore an extensive catalogue of ASMR videos has helped me to discover many more triggers I enjoy, but my favourites are still the ones I experienced in childhood.


  2. I’m 32, and I just discovered ASMR a few months ago, but I think I’ve experienced it my entire life. No triggers have changed as far as I know.
    My earliest memories of ASMR occurred in grade school. Specifically, I remember a very pleasant feeling occurring when others would read aloud in class. It was a peaceful euphoria. I was also triggered by having my hair brushed/braided. Soft touches and voices are triggers, as well watching people perform quiet, deliberate tasks or demonstrations (such as Bob Ross). I loved demonstrations during school, and still do.


  3. The first time it occurred to me that I was feeling something odd I was 4 years old and my mother was stroking my face lightly in bed to calm me down so I could sleep soundly. It’s not a feeling I would say was sending me to sleep, but it did make me feel something. Which was pleasant regardless.


  4. What is your earliest memory of experiencing ASMR?
    As a young child, maybe about 4 or 5, My mom put me down for a nap on the couch and put a big fluffy white blanket over me. It was summer, so it was hot outside and the sun was shining brightly through the windows, but the AC was on and I could feel the sweet coolness of it on my face. I was drifting off into sleep and the creak of my mom’s laz-e-boy chair as she got up and down from it to go to the kitchen or to do something triggered it. It’s an extremely happy memory.

    What triggered ASMR for you in your childhood? Adolescence? Adulthood?
    Naptime was always the best. I continued to take a nap almost everyday even into adulthood because of it. My parents used to quietly whisper or rustle carefully in the cupboards for a snack while I was laying down on the sofa, and the quiet sounds of cars driving by outside or the sound of the AC/heater blowing or the birds chirping or rain falling softly all while I laid down and relaxed have been and to this day continue to be my favorite triggers.

    Have your ASMR triggers changed as you have gotten older?
    I don’t believe they have, actually, and I find that very interesting to think about no that you mention it…


  5. The first time I remember experiencing ASMR, I was four years old. I was playing doctor (like the real thing, not the metaphorical thing) with a girl friend in the courtyard of the school. I was the patient, she was speaking so softly and touching me so nicely that, sudendly, I’d had those tingles across my neck and my head, and I’d begun to doze. I just felt so great! But I’m pretty sure I had experienced it before, I just don’t clearly remember.


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