[Voices of ASMR] At what ages is ASMR experienced?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain at what ages you have experienced ASMR, include details like:

  • What is your earliest memory of experiencing ASMR?
  • What triggered ASMR for you in your childhood?  Adolescence?  Adulthood?
  • Have your ASMR triggers changed as you have gotten older?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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45 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] At what ages is ASMR experienced?

  1. I dont quite remember the first time i experienced asmr but when i was 5 i had a teacher at school that always gave me tingles.
    The tingles ranged from her writing softly on the chalk board, her reading to the class, leaning over me correcting my work and hearing her breath and talk very softly. I never felt so much love for a teacher, school was my happy place when she was around.
    After that i think i was around 15 and i got my hair dyed and cut for the first time, the feeling of someone touching my hair and being close to my ears, spraying cold water on my head to wet the hair and cut it, brushing and trimming sounds and foils ahhh its still my favourite feeling, i just long for the day im getting my hair done! I’m so relaxed and my tingles send me into a trance.
    I never knew what ASMR was until i saw a tv segment with gentlewhispering explaining what it was and finally something clicked and i was ecstatic to know there was videos purposefully made for relaxation and tingles espically with experiencing some anxiety and depression. After 1 year of watching several different ASMR artists i can deal with issues without medication and wind down with a nice video.


  2. My earliest memory of tingles was when my mother would “paint my face” before tucking me into bed. I was probably about 4. She would run her fingers across my face and tell me she was painting my cheeks blue or drawing a pink square on my forehead. This imaginary game would give me ASMR and help me relax before bedtime. I remember asking her if it gave her tingles when I did the same to her and she agreed.

    I experienced ASMR throughout childhood at different times (doctor’s appointments, hair cuts, etc.). When I was about 17, I had a friend who suffered from anxiety. He confided that he watched videos online of people acting like they were doctors. He said it gave him tingles in the back of his head. I was ecstatic to hear that because those tingles he described were exactly like how mine felt! I went home and found the videos he was describing. They triggered me and the community of ASMR became apparent. There were others like me! I think ASMR can be experienced by all ages.


  3. My earliest memories of ASMR are of my mother tying the satin ribbons of my hat into a bow under my chin. I was only a toddler. The sound of the ribbon against my chin would resonate up my ear and make me tingle. To this day, I still own a hat with satin ribbons. I ask my partner to please tie it for me. It still gives me


  4. One of my earliest recollections of an ASMR experience was as a child around 7 years old. I took weekly piano lessons and at the end of each session my instructor would take out her fine tip lead pencil and scratch notes across my music sheets. She would circle certain parts of her notes for emphasis. I would just wait for the moment that she would take out that pencil and close my eyes as I listened to the lead dance across the page. I felt a tingling, butterfly-like sensation all through my being. It engendered a sense of both calm and delight.


  5. My first experience with ASMR was as a small child listening to conversations and tones of voices causing tingles. I didn’t discover the community of ASMR until a couple years ago on YouTube. And for the longest time, I didn’t realize I was one of only a few individuals who experience this mysterious phenomenon. If I were to guess, I suspect only about 1 in 100 people experience it. I base this on the fact I have asked many people (friends and family) and have found only 1 person out of the numerous people who experience ASMR.


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