Some spas are now offering ASMR sessions

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMany ASMR videos on YouTube include spa role-plays because the attention and services provided in spas are some of the strongest ASMR triggers.

And traditional spa services are great at triggering ASMR because some of the core biology of ASMR may be rooted in feeling safe, being relaxed, and being cared for.

So there is something deliciously meta about a spa offering ASMR sessions.

In 2013, Michelle Joni wrote a blog post for on this very topic.  She began with an explanation of ASMR and concluded with this question, “Is an ASMR massage experience something spas should consider incorporating into their menus?”

I recently came across a spa which actually has incorporated ASMR experiences into their menu.

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