Participate in a research study about ASMR, misophonia, perception, emotion, and personality.

Sounds like whispering and tapping can induce relaxation (like ASMR) or annoyance (like misophonia) in the listener.  The variety of these different responses to the same triggers is not well understood.

During this study, you will listen to a variety of sounds and rate how each one makes you feel.  You will also complete some questionnaires on general sensory sensitivity, emotional reactivity, and personality traits.  Your participation in this study may require 30-60 minutes.

This study is being conducted by student researcher Dodi Swan-Capper, post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Nora Andermane, and student researcher Mathilde Bauer.

The study is being supervised by Dr. Jamie Ward, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, from the School of Psychology, University of Sussex, and has been approved by the Sciences & Technology Cross-Schools Research Ethics Committee

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