Go to Tingle Town to record your ASMR sensations

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMatthew White is a freelance web developer residing in the United Kingdom.  He has received his BSc degree in Web Systems & Technology and his MSc degree in Smart Systems & Technology from the University of Bournemouth, UK.

Matthew has also created his own town, called Tingle Town.

Well, actually Tingle Town is an interactive website which allows visitors to watch ASMR videos and record the precise moments when their ASMR is triggered.

It is dead simple to use; viewers just press and hold an on-screen button whenever they feel tingles.  The data is shown as a line graph directly under each video and the data set for each video can also be downloaded.

Matthew’s idea and execution are brilliant – and the data being collected is going to be very helpful to understanding the specific relationship between triggers and tingles.

In my interview with Matthew he shares his inspiration to create Tingle Town, his challenges with the creation of Tingle Town, the potential value of Tingle Town for scientists and seekers of tingles alike, and more.

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