An explanation for why the light from ASMR videos might not interfere with sleep?

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityResearch has shown that the light emitted from mobile devices can interfere with sleep.

This is a concern for individuals who are watching ASMR videos to relax their minds and fall asleep more easily.

Yet there are still plenty of online reports that watching an ASMR video does help many people to fall asleep more easily than not watching an ASMR video.

A recent research study published in PLOS Biology may help to explain this conundrum.

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Update: Can the light from an ASMR video interfere with sleep?


A research study came out this week that is relevant to one of my prior posts (pasted in below).

This research supports the concern that the light from an electronic device can interfere with sleep.

The study is published in PNAS, a well respected journal.

The authors showed that reading from an iPad (compared to a printed book) increased the time it took to fall asleep, reduced melatonin secretion, and reduced morning alertness.

Click HERE to access the research abstract.

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