Update #2 about “Murmurs”, a cinematic ASMR movie currently in production

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseThis is update #2 about the first full-length feature movie about ASMR titled, ‘Murmurs’.

Graeme Cole is the filmmaker of Murmurs – which can be tantalizingly summarized as, “A reclusive ASMR superstar invites an online date to her studio. A paranoid romance with tingles.”

Murmurs is currently in the editing phase, but Graeme has just posted an update on the progress of the movie, an expansion of the production team, and an early response to an initial cut.

Spoiler: the first review of the initial cut is quite positive.

Below you will find a link to the full details of the production update and information on how you can help to support the continued progress of the movie.

I’ve also included links to video clips from Murmurs, video clips of Graeme, a link to the Murmurs Facebook page, and I’ve pasted in the full text of my prior posts.

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Update: Support “Murmurs”, a cinematic ASMR movie currently in production

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityUpdate to the August 5, 2015 post (prior post included at end of this update).

Congratulations to Graeme Cole, the filmmaker producing the cinematic movie, “Murmurs”, about an ASMR artist.  His fundraising campaign achieved its goal.  The raised funds will assist him in the final steps to complete and market the movie.

The campaign site remains open to allow visitors to see his fundraising journey so far, to view video clips from the movie, and to provide post-goal contributions which will further assist him to bring his movie to life.

Graeme also has a Facebook page to keep everyone updated about the progress of the movie.

Below is my congratulations to Graeme in bold, his reply in italics, a link to his campaign site, a link to his Facebook page, and the prior post which includes a full interview with Graeme and information about the movie.

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