Is ASMR a sensation of love?

There are many ways to define and describe love.

So I will put forth one possible description just for the sake of this post:

Love is comfort and safety, it is a warm feeling that spreads throughout your body, it is happiness always and euphoria sometimes, it is trust, it is focus, and ultimately it is a state of bliss and relaxation.

That sure sounds a lot like ASMR.

Trying to scientifically define and explain ASMR is a big challenge today.  Trying to scientifically define and explain love has been a big challenge throughout the ages.

But there is at least one dedicated scientist that tried to understand love through experiments, and he was ridiculed for attempting it.

Yet his research findings are considered some of the most important studies ever done, and may help to understand ASMR.

His name was Harry Harlow.

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