In-person ASMR

In-person ASMR are all the ways ASMR may occur in the presence of another person.

  • AKA; person-to-person ASMR, real world ASMR, live ASMR, direct ASMR
  • May be unintentional (accidental) or intentional (purposeful)
  • May be 1:1 (one-to-one) or 1:1+ (one-to-several).

Four Variations of In-Person ASMR

1.) In-person, unintentional, 1:1

  • Summary: One person accidentally stimulating ASMR in another person.  These are the most common occurrences of in-person ASMR and highlight the personal attention foundation to ASMR.
  • Examples: All the popular examples you hear about:
    • visit with a hairdresser
    • examination by a clinician
    • personal attention from a teacher

2.) In-person, unintentional, 1:1+

  • Summary: One person accidentally stimulating ASMR in members of a group.  These situations confirm that ASMR does not have to be 1:1.
  • Examples:
    • a teacher talking to a class
    • a person demonstrating a task to a group of people

3.) In-person, intentional, 1:1

4.) In-person, intentional, 1:1+

  • Summary: One person purposely stimulating ASMR in a group of people.  This may be called “group ASMR.”
  • Examples:

***Have you experienced types 2, 3, or 4?***

  • This includes having your ASMR stimulated, or being the one stimulating ASMR in others.
  • If so, explain in the comments below by starting with, “I have experienced type…” and share the details of the situation, your response, and any links if possible.
  • Thank you, Dr Richard

3 thoughts on “In-person ASMR

  1. I have always been obsessed with loght touch. It brings me immense pleasure in a non sexual way. Anything from someones shirt accidentally brushing my skin to my boyfriend “playing with my back” as he does almost every single night. I only learned about asmr a few weeks ago and its so refreshing to understand more about why i seek those feeling out and other ways to potentially trigger it!!


  2. I’ve experienced it when friends play with my hair or when I get my hair cut. When ever I fly, my head tingles when flight attendants demonstrate how to buckle a seatbelt. I also have experienced it when watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus demonstrating how to do a new hairstyle.


  3. I performed at an open mic evening doing an ASMR vibe with whispering and afterwards an audience member told me they got head tingles. Link to the performance above.


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