Earn your Master’s Degree in ASMR

If you have earned your Bachelor’s Degree in ASMR then you are ready to earn your Master’s Degree in ASMR.

Step 1: Click the “What is ASMR?” link at the top of the site and then click “ASMR resources”.

Step 2: Explore those resources and any other ASMR resources that you can find.

Step 3: This is the biggest step to earn this degree: Contribute to the ASMR community. Post a video, start a blog, start a forum, start a podcast, write an article, be creative. Create something out there that adds something to the ASMR community. If you have already done this then jump straight to Step 4 below.

Step 4: Once you complete Step 3 you have earned your Master’s Degree* in ASMR. Congratulations!

Step 5: You can now proceed to “Earn your Doctoral Degree in ASMR” (which will require you to be involved in a research project that will contribute to the understanding of ASMR).

*not a real degree of course, just a representation of your achievement

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