Guess the ASMR trigger sounds

Sample some ASMR trigger sounds.

I’ve recorded three potential ASMR triggers.  No vocals, just sounds.

Judge the triggers.

Are these good ASMR trigger sounds?  You can be the judge.  Listen to all three then vote for the most relaxing sound.

Guess the sounds.

What are the sounds?  See if you can figure each sound out.

Post your guesses in the comments.

Guessing correctly may be harder than you think, so be specific with your guesses.

I’ll be revealing the identity of the sounds in a future blog post (and the blog post will also announce that new sounds to be guessed have been uploaded).  To have these blog posts come straight to your email just sign up on the main blog page.

Put on your headphones.

I’ve recorded each sound with two microphones that are set up in an orientation to mimic how it would sound to your real ears.

So make sure you put on headphones to get the full 3-D, stereoscopic effect.

Sound A:

Sound B:

Sound C:

10 thoughts on “Guess the ASMR trigger sounds

  1. The first one must be scissors. No idea about the other two. The third sound isn’t just relaxing it creates a feeling in my chest and arms. It also makes me want to focus on it more. If the scissors had more of the snip sound it would create a more intense feeling.


  2. For me, all of these sounds were somewhat relaxing. The problem was that there were louder sounds interspersed with the softer ones–the snapping of what sounds like scissors in the first one, some harsher taps in the second one, and some louder snaps/crinkles in the third one. I almost got ASMR from all three–the kind of feeling where it seems like triggers are about to start along my back, but don’t. The thing I like about all of the recordings is the close-up feeling that the 3-D sound gives. What I don’t like is the irregularity. Personally, this applies for most ASMR videos–the “trance” can easily be broken for me if the artist decides to switch to a different trigger or change something. Of course, triggers work differently for everyone, but I just wanted to give some feedback on what I thought of these sounds.

    as for what they are…A sounds like scissors. B…tapping on some sort of plastic bottle? I really don’t know about C. crinkling some sort of plastic.


    • Nina, very helpful feedback. Your comment about “irregularity” supports the view that “methodical” is important for ASMR. I also prefer ASMR sounds to be consistent in volume and pattern.
      And you got two correct, and one incorrect. Almost there!


    • Bea, Do you think you might find these same sounds soothing if they were in a video? I wonder if some common ASMR trigger sounds work much better if coupled with the visual stimuli of hand movements and someone gazing at the viewer. That would be an interesting experiment. You got me thinking Bea, thanks for your comment.


      • If the hands were performing the sound, perhaps. If one is scissors, to watch the movement of the scissors along with the sound they produce would be more relaxing for me. Not the gazing person. I dislike faces in my face.


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