Sample over 200 relaxing sounds to discover your ASMR triggers

Silk ASMR icon - 512x512The Silk ASMR app is the collaborative effort of over 40 artists including ASMR artists, audiobook narrators, meditation coaches, voice artists, sound engineers, and musicians.

The goal of the project was to create an app that would help people to discover the types of voices and sounds that may best stimulate ASMR for them.

To this endeavor, the artists created over 200 audio tracks of multiple vocal styles and sound types.

The voice styles include whispering, soft speaking, and relaxed vocalizations.  The categories of the voice tracks include role-playing, sharing (rambling and/or personal stories), guiding (meditation or relaxation talks), and readings (stories or poems).

The main ASMR sound categories in the app include tappings, crinklings, grooming sounds, item sounds (eg, pencils), and action sounds (eg, scratching).

Additional categories of sounds are included in the app because these have also been reported to stimulate ASMR in some individuals.  These categories include white noise, fan sounds, binaural tones, nature sounds, and relaxing music.

The app allows the user to play their favorite tracks solo, one after another, or layer several tracks to play at the same time.  For example, layer the sound of crinkling plastic with a whispered reading or combine some gentle tappings with a  soft-spoken relaxation talk to best stimulate ASMR.

Full length audio tracks are downloaded so they play without an internet connection. Tracks can play in the background, with the lock screen on, or with the screen turned off.  A sleep timer is also built-in.

The app is currently available for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

It is also hoped that the app can help to promote and support ASMR research.  Visit the Silk ASMR website to learn more.

Click HERE to visit the Silk ASMR website.

Click HERE to download the Silk ASMR app for free.

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