ASMR commercials – a growing trend

In 2015, Dove chocolate probably created the first ASMR-inspired commercial. In 2016, more companies followed, including Pepsi, KFC, and Ritz Crackers. And since then, the list has been growing steadily to include Ikea, Applebee’s, McDonalds, Renault, Toyota, Sony, Zippo lighters, MTV, Behr paint, and more. I won’t say they all succeeded in making ideal ASMR-triggering videos … Continue reading ASMR commercials – a growing trend

Toyota announces commercials with ASMR technology

Joining the group of Pepsi, KFC, Dove, Ritz, and IKEA, Toyota announces ASMR-inspired commercials. According to their September 1 2017 news release about the “Sensations” marketing campaign for the 2018 Camry, “A different creative execution incorporates ASMR technology (autonomous sensory meridian response) – a tingling many people experience when listening to certain sounds – to … Continue reading Toyota announces commercials with ASMR technology

Ritz Crackers creates ASMR-inspired commercial

Ritz Crackers has recently joined the growing list of big name companies which have created ASMR-inspired ads. Dove chocolate released two ASMR-inspired ads in November 2015, Pepsi posted a short ASMR-inspired ad in April 2016, and KFC launched an ASMR-inspired ad in July 2016. The Ritz Crackers video ad is in Korean but it clearly communicates the … Continue reading Ritz Crackers creates ASMR-inspired commercial

An update on the data collected from the Dove Chocolate ASMR-inspired commercials

Several months ago I reported about Dove Chocolate releasing two ASMR-inspired marketing videos. The videos were well done and it was exciting to see a big name company incorporate ASMR into a marketing campaign. I was even more excited by a report that they collected physiological data from viewers of these videos and the data … Continue reading An update on the data collected from the Dove Chocolate ASMR-inspired commercials