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5 thoughts on “Welcome to ASMR University

  1. This is interesting. I use to experience something similar to this with my family, we always called it “The Glow”. I haven’t experienced the sensation in years but about a year ago I tried to do a quick search and nothing really came up. and then I came upon an article in the Boston Globe. Sometimes I think about the sensation and miss it and wonder if my children will ever feel it. It was always simple – like someone handed you a sandwich and the niceness or gesture didn’t have to be directed at me to feel it. I wonder if our busy crazy electronic life takes the simplicity away so we don’t notice “The Glow”.
    I’m inspired to feel it again, I hope I remember!


  2. hey there. I am a professor , sociology , at CSU East Bay here in california/. And I am doing a social/emotional learning component to my classes. And i have just learned about ASMR, and it all seems very similiar to the self-soothing exercises I am teaching my students. Have you all examined the relationship between how babies self-soothe, or how mother’s teach soothing to babies, and the similarities with ASMR?


  3. I really, really want to know if someone who’s deeply studied this topic knows whether or not ASMR can be seen more in certain races or ethnicities than others


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