Some spas are now offering ASMR sessions

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMany ASMR videos on YouTube include spa role-plays because the attention and services provided in spas are some of the strongest ASMR triggers.

And traditional spa services are great at triggering ASMR because some of the core biology of ASMR may be rooted in feeling safe, being relaxed, and being cared for.

So there is something deliciously meta about a spa offering ASMR sessions.

In 2013, Michelle Joni wrote a blog post for on this very topic.  She began with an explanation of ASMR and concluded with this question, “Is an ASMR massage experience something spas should consider incorporating into their menus?”

I recently came across a spa which actually has incorporated ASMR experiences into their menu.

Terri Renaud is the owner of “The Spa Club” in Scarborough Ontario, Canada.  She is certified as a Nail Tech, Esthetician, Healing Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and is currently working on her degrees in Holistic Beauty Therapy & Reflexology.

Terri has also recently added “ASMR services” to her spa.

Her website for The Spa Club has tabs across the top for the following services: Facials, Massage, Waxing, Nails, Avon, and now…ASMR.

Clicking the ASMR tab brings up this message:

“You’ve Seen It On YouTube – Now You Can Experience ASMR Facials & Massage Right Here In Toronto!

ASMR is experienced in different ways but predominantly as a tingling sensation that begins in the head and scalp and can travel down the spine into the arms and legs and through the entire body.

ASMR is being already being offered in American Spas and now you can try it here in Toronto.

ASMR is a very calming sensation that washes over you, it feels like meditation that floats you gently into a more happy and stress free world filled only with relaxation.

The Spa Club is happy to be one of the first Spas in Toronto that offers ASMR!”

I asked her how she first learned about ASMR. Terri replied, “There are some amazing Registered Massage Therapists on YouTube. Some of my favorites were doing ASMR videos. While I was researching massage techniques that I could perform without massive body strength, I was bumping into ASMR videos all over the place.”

Terri immediately realized the overlapping nature of spas and ASMR, “ASMR is so spa friendly, there are so many esthetic/massage based ASMR videos. It just made sense to offer people a real life experience. People visit a spa to unwind and enjoy pampering. It’s only logical for the esthetician to speak softly if at all.”

Her spa currently offers two ASMR packages, ‘Spa Therapy Facial With ASMR’ and ‘Full Aromatherapy Facial With ASMR’.

Both packages include the following as ASMR triggers: Personal Attention, Face/Neck/Shoulder Massage, Hair Brushing, Scalp/Head Massage, Ear Massage, Soft Speaking, Water Sounds, Lotion, and Face Touching.

Terri even upgraded her audio system just for the ASMR sessions because she understood the importance of high quality and realistic sounds for triggering ASMR.

Spas have been providing relaxation and comfort successfully for thousands of years. Is there anything else that can be done to improve spa experiences?

I read some online reviews for several spas and I saw a lot of interesting feedback. Many clients mentioned that the spa was too loud, the person tending to them spoke too loudly, the handling was too rough, or the TV blaring in the corner of the spa was compromising the relaxing vibe.

Relaxation and ASMR are much more than just giving someone a massage, or just whispering into a video camera.  They are multi-factorial physical and psychological interactions between individuals which are slowly being better understood through the efforts of practitioners, artists, and scientists.

I believe Terri represents a modern and progressive practitioner and spa owner. One who realizes there is always more to learn and there are always ways to improve the spa experience for the client.

Whether ASMR videos incorporate content and methods of spa experiences, or spas incorporate content and methods of ASMR videos – it seems win-win for those seeking optimal relaxation by walking into a spa or browsing YouTube videos.

Click HERE to visit Terri’s website and learn more about The Spa Club

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This post brought to you by ASMR University.  A site with the mission of increasing the awareness, understanding, and research of the Art and Science of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

7 thoughts on “Some spas are now offering ASMR sessions

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  3. Interesting. Not sure if it would work for me, as I trigger more from prerecorded audio/video than real life experiences…though I do remember on one occasion getting asmr from my first reflexology session. I would love to try!


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